There are many ways to support The Visible Community

1. Become a Volunteer- If you are interested in being involved in our group, please email and ask about attending a meeting. Our members come from all different class and education backgrounds. Everyone has knowledge and resources that are helpful to a movement for social justice.

2. Be a Supporter - If you cannot committ to attending our weekly meetings, but you are interested in supporting our campaigns as they develop, please email and request to be added to our directory. We will only contact you about important events or to help advocate in support of an issue (like calling your representative).

3. Make a Donation - If you would like to make an online donation, you may do so using the Donate button below. Donations will be used to cover the general operating expenses for the group, including materials, work stipends, food, printing and consulting fees.

4. Buy a DVD - You can also support our work by purchasing a copy of our professional documentary, Neighbor by Neighbor, and sharing it with friends, family, and colleagues. All money raised through movie sales goes directly to The Visible Community. Click here to learn more about the film and purchase a dvd.

Contact The Visible Community by email: info(at)