Neighborhood Housing League

News and Updates

Now Hiring (4/3/13) We are hiring for a new Block Captain. To learn more please call (207) 240-8201.

City Council (5/3/11, 6:00-8pm, City Hall) Tenants will go to City Hall to see the Council decide whether or not to fund a new Housing Code Enforcement Officer with CDBG money.

Tenants Organize at Birch Hill (2/4/11) - Sun Journal article about the Neighborhood Housing League's work with tenants at the Birch Hill Apartments.

Bed Bug Presentation (8/27/10) - Read the Sun Journal article about the League's bed bugs meeting at Center for Wisdom's Women.

Housing League Op-Ed in Sun Journal (8/22/10)

Lead and Pest Training (7/27/10) - The Neighborhood Housing League and Healthy Androscoggin held a free public training for tenants on Lead and Pest Control in their buildings. Click here to see photos.











Neighborhood Housing League

The Neighborhood Housing League is a project to empower more residents to get involved in advocating for safe and affordable housing in the downtown and develop their leadership in advocating for their housing needs.

Photo taken at Training for tenants on Lead and Pest Control

How does the Neighborhood Housing League Work?

  • Education - You must know your rights in order to know what you are entitled to in your lease, how the law protects you, and how you can advocate for youreself when your rights are being abused. You must live up to your responsibilities as a tenant to maintain good relationships with your neighbors and property manager. We offer group trainings as well as individual consulting on both of these subjects.
  • Communication - When there's a problem with housing, there are a lot of different ways this can be communicated. Having clear and formal ways to communicate between tenants and landlords is essential to appropriately addressing housing problems.
  • Organizing - We only have strength through numbers and solidarity. Even the most prepared and researched people can have a hard time making changes happen all by themselves. We help connect residents who share common problems so that they overcome challenges together.
  • Alliance Building - There are many organizations that offer services and resources to make housing more safe and affordable. We partner with social service agencies, advocacy groups, and responsible property owners to make sure we can all improve housing opportunities together.

Do you have a problem with your housing?

Do you want to join together with other residents to improve housing conditions downtown?

Contact the Neighborhood Housing League:

Melissa Dunn , Resident Coordinator

Contact The Visible Community by email: info(at)