Current Campaigns

Improve the CityLink Bus System

The Visible Community recently concluded a successful campaign to improve the bus system. We will be celebrating our victory in August when the new routes and bus schedules (including Saturday Service) have started.

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We believes in improving and expanding the CityLink Bus System Because:

1. Over 3,000 households in Lewiston-Auburn don't have cars

2. Public transportation is essential for many people to buy groceries, visit the doctor, visit family, go to school, and get to and from work

3. The bus system offers an alternative transportation option for all community members to lower their carbon footprint

4. A strong public transportation system is essential to urban revitalization and economic development

5. Hundreds of residents have told us it is one of the most important things that can be done to improve their access to education and employment in Lewiston-Auburn

6. L-A's current per-capita spending levels on the bus system are extremely low in comparison to other similar-sized cities across the United States

Click here for a pdf of more information about why the bus system should be improved



Neighborhood Housing League

The Neighborhood Housing League is a project to empower more residents to get involved in advocating for safe and affordable housing in the downtown and develop their leadership in advocating for their housing needs.

Photo taken at Training for tenants on Lead and Pest Control


Hundreds of residents identified housing as one of four top priorities in the Visible Community’s People’s Downtown Master Plan. This plan focused on the downtown neighborhood between Park, Adams, Blake, and Pine Street. This neighborhood exists within the Entitlement Community and has always been a great focus for the work of The Visible Community. Residents feel a Neighborhood Housing League is needed because of the substandard and inhumane conditions that hundreds of residents live in downtown. Residents expressed a desire to understand their rights and know who to talk to and what actions to take when their rights are violated. Responsible landlords have also expressed interest in having help communicating with residents about responsibilities, especially now that many residents of the downtown are not native English speakers.

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement is a big issue downtown because most of the housing stock predates World War I. The safety of residents downtown is regularly questioned as buildings burn to the ground due to faulty wiring and landlord neglect. In 2007, one of our members was displaced twice because of fires. Presently there is only one code enforcement officer for the entire city of Lewiston (approximately 37,000 people). The Visible Community is very concerned about the lack of code enforcement in the downtown and sees the Neighborhood Housing League as one way we can help advocate for more code enforcement officers and more accountable code enforcement downtown.

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